Mozaik Band


Come on music, sound verse, arrive song,
it's the time for miracles, you heal all wrong!

The MOZAIK-band was formed in 1990. Five people coming from five different fields — classical, jazz, pop, rock and folk music. We’ve brought our taste/colour to the group and result is a various, complex, mosaic-like music.

Caring about each other makes this world better...

Our style, for lack of better, is called ’jazzfolk’. We combine the motifs of European, American, African peoples music with modern sound and a lot of improvization. (But basicly we play our own songs using resources in a creative way and not simply reproductions of other songs. Can be say, we belong to the ’world-music’.) The acoustic and classical instruments (12strings guitar, violin, flute), and the modern electronic instruments (bass guitar, drumcomputer, synthesizer), can easily get along with the 3 voices.

I keep the hearth!

Therefore our music is quite unique not only because of the style and arrangement but mainly because of its atmosphere and its aim that’s different from the recent musical trends. We don’t believe that the role of music is to make the audience crazy or switch off the brain functions. The violent rumbling is as similary strange to us as is the brainwashing monotony or the sweet nothing. Our music shows cheerful mood, the lyrics are full of sincere feeling and thoughtfulness. We’ve six (60 minute) casettes/CD-s and a songbook. From autumn of 2006 is available in shops our "best of"-album under title "It’s time for miracles". (You can download some details of these songs here.)

May Warmth and Light always be yours!

Because we use a small amount of technical equipment we have no problem travelling place to place. Our show is specifically good (because of uniqueness and curiosity) for exclusive programmes, (because of informality) for youth clubs, school programs, first form balls, pregraduation balls, etc. We hopefully await for your interest in further information, ordering casettes/CD-s or invitation to perform.

Power of Mind don't overcome Soul!



Siposs András: guitar, vocals (leader)
Nok Katalin: violin, vocals
Laczó Tímea: flute, vocals
Deseő Balázs: keyboard
Nemessányi László: bass

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